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Working at the Carwash – Not Blues

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Well Coming toward the end Of March and I am working part time at the office. Getting the boat ready and obtaining some inexpensive equipment. Below is my $20 trolling motor and my $20 weather station “with” rain gage:


Look at me go Weeee…P1000077


Made a few dollars washing boats for rich people.  Love living on the dock out in the open now and the whole boat is living space. I’ve been out on the river a few times and since I don’t work weekends it looks like a trip up to Paris Landing and some cove exploration along the way is in order.

I have fixed every small leak on this old tub and now it’s deck time and finish the window trim. I got hold of a nice piece of teak in trade for some work on a pontoon. Craig Keaton can tell you all about pontoon boats. I am also making a hoist for the dingy and the battery so this old boy will not have to do real physical labor-got to love physics. Sam is helping with all this stuff and his brother is the source of the trolling motor.

I am still off the smokes. Imagine that. Remember,” never complain and never explain”

Write me if you still have the strength.

did my best so far

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As I said I got hacked again, Did what I can tonight hope you don’t get hit.

Hacked Again

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I have been hacked again, You might receive a bunch of garbage. Will have to correct.
So sorry.

23 March, 2012 17:57

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Track made with Navionics Mobile

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If you have google earth open the attachment and see a short trip I took on the boat yesterday. Pretty cool.

Bradley J Schuller Phd

Subject: Track made with Navionics Mobile
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 12:05:55 -0500

Check out the track made with Navionics US&Canada HD!


Start Time: 3/17/12 10:59 AM
End Time: 3/17/12 11:54 AM

Active track info:

Distance: 4.7 mi
Total time: 0h 54'
Average Speed: 5.1 mph
Max Speed: 7.5 mph

Click on the attached .kmz file to see it in Google Earth!

Enjoy Navionics... Anytime, Anywhere..
The Navionics Mobile Team

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Really Good and Really Bad

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This is no big message. Very simple and to the point.
First things first—– Mike Norris is now Doctor Norris. Maybe the one academic deal I had left. I am proud of him, I love the man for his effort and he is now after years of work run the educational, emotional gauntlet to achieve something very few will ever dream about. He didn’t do it because he had a free ride he did it because he had the will and the desire. He gave up a chunk of his life to te the best and most well informed of his generation.
The other thing is that I have been using window 8 customer review for my operating system for about a week. Granted they are doing some Apple F— yous. I do like that. The problem is they take over your computer like 1984. They will not allow any apps that have not hooked up with them to get thru their security system. It took me four steps to just get back to a blog I have used for two years.
Stay away from this system It is their attempt to control all your apps . Real bad JU JU

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