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Mobile Again

In On the river on 29/02/2012 at 12:27

Yesterday as I was Changing out my window slides The  “boys” came by and ask me if I wanted my prop put on. I about peed my pants. The lake was up the wind was nil and I was going to be able to actually drive my boat again.

One hour later I was on the river. Felt great. My calculations were about 150 rpms off the max engine throttle. However having my prop reworked for $260 dollars instead of buying a new one –which might not have been the right one- at $950, I made a good choice.

That’s the big excitement. George has gotten a little weird and here are some pics


Notice the Heinz can of Spotted Dick. In England this also called Spotted Dog. It is a bread pudding that only the English can love. How many people get ready to go out to eat and say, “Honey let’s eat English tonight.” Does not happen.

Any way he’s been hitting the sauce. I on the other hand have not had a cigarette in 5 weeks. Groovy.

Mike Norris sent me a picture of where he is having his graduation.

my new vacation cabin

Party on Doctor Norris.

Write me if you still have the strength.

PS sail on Teresa

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