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300 Miles Walking on Water

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Well My GPS trip meter says that I have gone 308 miles since leaving Pebble Isle. I am on Bledsoe Creek at mile marker 248.5 LDB of the Cumberland River. I stayed in Nashville waiting for the rain that never came and on Labor Day instead of pay for dockage that was busting the budget I shoved off.

9/3 was a long 44 mile day against the current and “walking on water “ at 4-5 mph. When I hit the lock at Hickory dam it decided to rain, fog and turn into an instrument only ride. I had the coordinates for an anchorage called Skinny Dip within 2 miles of the dam and here we go. Between GPS, compass and satellite pictures I hit it on the button. I had come from Harpeth Creek the only anchorage between Nashville and the dam a long day at the wheel. Believe me 8 hours at the helm of a small boat with barge traffic, current , paranoia about the engine – there is no place to stop- this old doc was ready for a toddy.

Here are some pictures


What were those clouds


Honey Suckle growing like weeds


Free cool stuff






on and on you gotta love it.

The big weakness is that bunches of people have been down this river forever over and over. I get sucked in like a good chip and dip and want to keep going to the next bend the next turn the next … don’t want to stop. This is addictive.

Not sure where I’ll be tomorrow night but it it will be on the water.


This is a cumulus cloud being blown apart by upper level dry winds. It is technically a cumulus fractus with a stratus base but I like Toucan cloud the best

Write me if you still have the strength

Doc Brad Standing by on 16.

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