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The Incubus Transmission

In Uncategorized on 02/11/2011 at 11:00

My transmission hates me. The marina got in a transmission yesterday. Nothing like mine. This mistake was not the marina’s fault. Well, they got proactive and jumped on these guys who screwed up and now after some work that the marina focused on like a laser beam the correct one is on the way.

My tranny you see has been fighting back. Not only do I believe that the old tranny made an order change but on Halloween mind you that little possessed managed to fall on my toe When I was getting ready to store in the hold. The damn thing jumped right out of my hands and went for me.

Hopefully I will eventually get going. I have taken the time to do some plumbing work and seal some spider cracks on the deck for the winter. The weather is nice with today in the mid seventies. I have good company and all the comforts. As they will tell me down south “ God bless him.”

tranny 015

Above is the evil machine

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