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Hot as Hell…

In getting self contained on 30/06/2012 at 11:23

Temperatures are in the 100’s for the weekend. The heat index at present is 107 degrees. However I have worked long enough to purchase  a Honda 200i Companion generator.


Isn’t she a beauty. This little puppy will run the AC , the whole shebang.

I also finally got my homemade 65 watt solar panel hooked up when I got this

8 amp controller


I have successfully charged my trolling motor battery as well as these two huge 6 volt batteries I have hooked up to make a humongous 12 volt battery with a couple of hundred amp hours. I am in the process of putting some serious electric in the aft cabin. I am also going to wire a switch to run the refrigerator and stay off the house batteries when I am out.  I even will run a small inverter to charge some electronics that can’t use 12 volt hookups.

I’ll tell you this. Below is the best gas can ever in the world, anyplace in the universe, bar none, swear to God, would walk over a dying nun to get sort of good.You can fill anything and it will not spill a drop. You put it straight up and down and fill the tank and it shuts itself off and sucks the gas in the nozzle back into the tank. This is some groovy stuff. Check these guys out on line



This June also brought out the bass tournaments. These guys where nothing like that sob I wrote about awhile back. They were serious down to earth pro types and real good amateurs. Boy howdy did these guys bring in the fish. One tournament had the big fish at 8.97 pounds. I have never seen a bass that big. Here are some pictures of one tourney.




And in the end let us not forget the penultimate fishing guy.



and the beauty of the river


By the way my phone crapped out and I lost all my contacts. I have nobody’s phone number. Send mail to and lay it on me if you still have the strength.

This is Dr. Brad standing by on 16 .

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