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Summer Home

In getting self contained on 24/04/2017 at 16:33

Well I’m finalizing plans to pull the boat and put it on the hard for the hot southern summer. I’m heading back to Springhill for the summer. Volunteering is a great way to live on the cheap. Especially if you find those good locations. Last year was a tent ⛺️ but this year I built a summer home in the back of the Ford 1996 exploder I mean explorer.

The requirements were I had to be able to build it with the tools I have on the boat and it had to less than 100 dollars 💵.

While I was working this Sandhill Crane visited me a few times to observe. When they Are within a few feet of you and call out they have this creepy Jurassic Park sound. It is very loud and right out of the movie soundtrack.

I used pvc pipe and toilet flanges. The engineering came in with the straps that hold it down. Light weight not over built. I yanked out the rear seats for more storage. I’m good to go.

George is happy 😊 I’m happy 🤓.

IMG_1754So write me if you still have the strength. I wish I had more time I’d write a shorter post.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

Today’s vibe  ” There’s a Fat Man in the Bathtub” by Little Feat – ah I remember those Cleveland concerts

one of my made up sayings ” live every day like the cavalry ain’t coming “


Wood Stuff

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While saving up money for the big jobs I did a little renovating to make life on the water a little more comfortable.  My outside galley needed some more space to cook on, set plates, stuff from the fridge , and cut and dice. I bought some poplar form Lowes and had them cut it to length. I have only small power tools and some hand tools so any major cutting is done with the kindness of strangers.

2015-01-23 002 2015-01-23 006

I also ordered some folding table hinges so under way I can lower and secure the table.

2015-01-23 002 2015-01-23 005

Here’s the finished shelf with a non slid railing. I coated it with three coats of Cetol.

shelf 2015-03-02 009

I wanted to gain a little back splash with some left over FRP so I secured it an added some teak trim.

headandshelf 2015-03-03 005

My next project was to make the head better for storing material under way. Go back I in the archives under “ Living in 120 square feet” and see the real before picture. I never used the sink in the heads because you just turn around and there is galley sink. The sink was wasted space and storing things under way was pain

head 2015-02-09 002

I took out the plumbing

head 2015-02-09 003

I bought some pine butcher block and having made a template in the head I got a friend to cut the wood. below you can see the wood with the stain applied.

headandshelf 2015-03-03 007

As you can see I added some guard rails about 2 inches around the edges and screwed the counter in place. The whole piece is coated with three coats of Spar varnish. I believe in oil based varnish not polyurethane . Better finish.

heaD3 2015-03-05 001

Finished product

heaD3 2015-03-05 005

Neat and ready for open water

heaD3 2015-03-05 006

Next I tackled a table I made about a year and a half ago when I was in Columbus Mississippi.

2015-03-09 001 2015-03-09 001

A good sanding, stain and four coats of varnish later  you get this

2015-03-16 001 2015-03-16 001

And finally this

2015-03-17 001 2015-03-17 002

Can’t leave without some shout-out to the Bay Area Food Bank . Below we see the AmeriCorps folk working to make the pretty mundane job of sorting food  a little more fun. They spend the mornings working in the garden and the afternoons sorting food.


These young people live on $4.75 for food per individual a day. There are nine of them from all over the country and they all live in a single house. It’s like the old college housing  days. I try to live on $ 4.00 a day and for me that includes paper towels and dish soap and such.  I guarantee they are eating as much red beans and rice as I am. They even find other places to volunteer on weekends. They work 6 days a week .  I have a little more hope about the future.

Check out the AmeriCorps web site and see all the services. They have volunteer opportunities for all ages and locations. You will hear more about these wonderful folks.

I think one of their mottos is “ Keep calm and get things done.”

Well there you go.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

Spring Break, Fall Back

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Still hanging at Mandalay channel. I left the piece of peanut on my mustache just to irritate  you. No retakes this time all out takes.

Here are some pictures of Winter and Stumpy



Here’s a Seahawk or you know it’s real name on the way during my two trips up and down the bay. She’s on the nest here and he’s about one marker away. They use some really big sticks to make their nests


Be in touch.

Peace and justice

Hot as Hell…

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Temperatures are in the 100’s for the weekend. The heat index at present is 107 degrees. However I have worked long enough to purchase  a Honda 200i Companion generator.


Isn’t she a beauty. This little puppy will run the AC , the whole shebang.

I also finally got my homemade 65 watt solar panel hooked up when I got this

8 amp controller


I have successfully charged my trolling motor battery as well as these two huge 6 volt batteries I have hooked up to make a humongous 12 volt battery with a couple of hundred amp hours. I am in the process of putting some serious electric in the aft cabin. I am also going to wire a switch to run the refrigerator and stay off the house batteries when I am out.  I even will run a small inverter to charge some electronics that can’t use 12 volt hookups.

I’ll tell you this. Below is the best gas can ever in the world, anyplace in the universe, bar none, swear to God, would walk over a dying nun to get sort of good.You can fill anything and it will not spill a drop. You put it straight up and down and fill the tank and it shuts itself off and sucks the gas in the nozzle back into the tank. This is some groovy stuff. Check these guys out on line



This June also brought out the bass tournaments. These guys where nothing like that sob I wrote about awhile back. They were serious down to earth pro types and real good amateurs. Boy howdy did these guys bring in the fish. One tournament had the big fish at 8.97 pounds. I have never seen a bass that big. Here are some pictures of one tourney.




And in the end let us not forget the penultimate fishing guy.



and the beauty of the river


By the way my phone crapped out and I lost all my contacts. I have nobody’s phone number. Send mail to and lay it on me if you still have the strength.

This is Dr. Brad standing by on 16 .

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