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It’s About Damn Time Doc

In repair on the fly on 14/05/2014 at 11:20


Well I apologize for just hanging out At Clearwater. Apparently the protect the rich police were getting ready to ask some questions I did not want to answer. I had a good run.

I hooked up with my old boating buddy Sam and River Dog and had a good dinner and a good visit. Well I was preparing to leave and discovered on a test run that the engine was running above it’s normal temperature. Not over operating temperature but just above my normal gauge reading . I also noted my fuel leak on the port side of the injection pump had returned. Nothing to panic about but I had to move on.

I took a day and stripped the port side heat exchanger which is like a radiator and found an old zinc used to protect the engine from corrosion and removed it. Thought I had it licked. Temp came down a bit. I dove under the boat and cleaned out the fresh water thru hull. I removed air from the coolant system. Did all the stuff I could at anchor. Oil check, Feeling  all the hoses looking for collapse I put absorbent pads below the Injector pump and left Mandalay on 5/7. I knew at this point  after all the inspections that That I the boat needed some labor intensive TLC. Due to my limited budget I decided to head back to Mobile where I can afford a three to four month lay over and take my time spreading out the money  and the wear on my joints. Bottom job, Replace coolant, flush system, replace hoses and by spares. Clean oil cooler. Clean heat exchanger and so on and so forth.

I took a short trip of 31 miles and anchored in the red rust colored water of the Pithlachascotee River in about 3 feet of water at mean low tide.  The boat hadn’t blown up and I ran the engine at less that 2000 rpms slow but cool.


On 5/8 at 0600 hours I left for Crystal. Beside the “ really feeling alive “ part of going into the gulf with an injector pump bleeding like a broken nose. I would like you to meet by buddy for the last week of my stay in Mandalay

my Osprey 2014-04-21 003

Otto the Osprey

my Osprey 2014-04-21 004

Otto stopped by once a day to make sure I ate properly. He recommended fish.

fishing shacks 2014-05-07 002

Fish shacks enter that unpronounceable river

engine 2014-05-09 003

The broken nose injector pump.




At Crystal River where I am now arriving on 5/8 I called my friend Darrel who is a diesel mechanic.

Day one:

We ran around to get stuff. got some need tools and an air mattress Darrel gave me a laser temperature sensor. Washers for the fuel injector. Found out by accident that the the washers that were on their originally were too small in outside diameter. The new washers fit like a glove.

Day two Darrel is the man!!!

We took the old tub out and ran the heck out of it. As Darrel measured the temps all over the engine we determined that I had a thermostat that opened up a little late but the no place on the engine got too hot. Bad sensor or gauge.  Can’t thank Darrel enough for the help. More work for Mobile.

We also discovered my Teleflex single control throttle shift module was not going to the injector stop in gear. More stuff to do at mobile.

So due to the forecast I will leave Saturday with a full tank of fuel and a bad gauge and a half gallon of salt water and  diesel in the bilge and head to Stienhatchee 90 miles north hopefully with a stop at Suwanee tide dependent.  I have 300 miles to Dog River.

The joys of boating

Dr Brad standing by on 16.

Ps I weigh 182 pounds, When I left Ohio I weighed about 220.

This post does not profess to cure,treat, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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