Why? Why not?

I have been wanting to start this blog dingus thing for three months. I am presently looking out the window of my landlord’s house viewing my trp covered 26 foot Macgregor sailboat. It is cold and grey out there. Spring may really get here. Soon I will be preparing the boat for the water. Clean it, wax it, refit it, wish it was newer and bigger.

My long term existential task is to go on my last big solo ride. I hope this fall to be ready to go on a trip down the Ohio river to the gulf coast. Around Florida and back north to places not yet thought about. The “deal” is I have little money. I am on disability and a small fixed income. I’ve got stuff to get. I am going all in. I am 58 years old. I hope to documant and comment this foolish thing until …

I also hope to comment on the things around me. The world spinning with stuff, people, money, politics and whatever blows my skirt up.


  1. OK…You’re in the water Doc. Now sail dammit! Beautiful weather for the next week anyway. May your wake scare the biggest of barges.


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