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Looking to Move Down the River

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Business end of a sternwheeler

the slums of Pebble Isle

Johnsonville Battle site state park, marina on right

Curious George sneaking animal planet stuff on PC

George got me back with sneak photo

picture of a picture of Pebble Isle Marina

Still At Pebble Isle. Will try to get going early next week. I am getting itchy boat feet. I found out that on this property and the adjacent state park was the Civil War battle of Johnsonville in 1864. Nathan Bedford Forrest routed the union with a surprise attack on November 4th. This was a major supply depot for the Federals in their preparation for the move to Atlanta. This is the only battle in which a Calvary force destroyed a navy force. The north lost dozens of ships and an entire supply depot. I can see the old railroad bed from my  boat. The ships that were sunk are still in the bay area I am in now. Look up the battle of Johnsonville on Wikipedia. I will also be going by the Battle site of Shiloh. for fun a few picks

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