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It’s Been too Long

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I wish I could say I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to post but I can’t. My last post on September 6th was too long ago.

So here I am sitting in a laundry in Deland Florida posting. I got back to Hontoon Island State Park just before Thanksgiving. And true to form I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise the third day back.

Prior to my return I was working on my boat at Acosta Creek Marina. I had pulled it from the water prior to heading up to Michigan for the summer. Now I was back and found the old tub to have survived Irma with just a little mildew in the pilot house. I had been away from May until November. This was the longest I had been separated from her.

So I put a new coat of bottom paint on, stripped and oiled about three quarters of the exterior teak and waxed and buffed out the hull. Acosta Creek is one of those great little family marinas Jane and Bob were great and 2 1/2 weeks I was back in the water.

Before I got to work on the boat is was visiting Berry and Denise in Ken-tuck-ee and prior to that visiting my sister Linda in Perrysburg Ohio.

After tearing down the Michigan outpost at Springhill  and my final unsuccessful attempt to do a rocket stove pizza oven I headed to Davison Michigan for time with Sam and his brother Walter. They were wrapping up the work on Sam’s “River Rat.”

Now comes a very interesting turning point. I somewhat tired of living in a tent for 4 months and going to Camp Walter to stay in the shop.

Could not help my self. I bought an $400 18 ft trailer to turn into an aluminum tent. I gutted it and this spring I will remodel it for one occupant.

Boy now I’m exhausted.

The laundry is almost finished and I need coffee.

Special shout out to Ron whose message on the blog prompted me to catch up. I looking forward to seeing him and his lovely bride in February.

This is Dr Brad standing by on 16.Stealling a quote from the Briny Bug.

” Go simple, go small, go now!”

Feel the Burn

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A few days ago I thought I would walk one of the trails and trim some saw palmettos back off the footpath. I ended up getting sidetracked walking the perimeter of the prescribed burn that was done about 4 weeks ago.

Florida is in a wildfire emergency at the moment but without fire the flora and fauna of the state could not remain in balance. Here are some pictures from my hike.

These pictures although obscured by leaves show the depth of fuel on the forest floor that form a surface that appears just like ground with leaves. It is actually layers of dead vegetation that burn like peat below the surface and can spread the fire underneath with out surface visibility. This layer once removed allows new growth of other wise restricted plants like new pine and fern. This cover is the equivalent of putting mulch on your garden.

After about 5 weeks you see ferns growing,the saw palmettos coming back and pine cones opened to release seeds.

One last thing about the fecundity of the forest. I found this foot long piece of tree branch with 4 separate flora growing in harmony.

The actual last thing. Don’t worry about the critters. The controlled burns allow most animals to get out and the ones that are smaller and at times don’t get along well will seek shelter in dens. One popular spot is the gopher tortoise den that is actually quite large. So feel the burn with good feelings.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

todays vibe is Taj Mahal ” Going Up to the Country – Paint My Mailbox Blue


The Three T’s of Volunteering

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I was sitting on my boat in rapt attention to my computer contemplating the three t’s of volunteering .” They are Tourists, Trash, and Toilet Paper.

I looked up and there were about six people looking around my boat. ” What’s up?” Behold the manatee. She was floating around the stern of my boat basking in the sun. I tried to get some good pictures but the sun and water were too reflective. I did get a shot of her flank that shows propeller marks from getting too close to modern man creating an unpleasant result. I occasionally have a similar experience.

Well that’s that.

Today’s tune for Dan Wagner – Fresh Air …. QuickSilver Messenger Service

Dr Brad standing,sitting ,and just rolling over on 16

St. Johns Update

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Well I’m three weeks into a slice of river volunteer heaven. I can’t think of a better place to clean fire pits, toilets, picnic and campsite areas, and don’t forget I’m driving the ferry.

Got my grey volunteer uniform shirt. I am stylin’ and profilin’.

To other matters we have  living on the boat and traveling forever thing. Had to rally for an eye appointment- glasses broke- and I’m making up with the dental – cash pay- negotiating stuff. Had some problems with an Rx at the local CVS. Can’t transfer a prescription more than once. So I’m calling doctors trying to keep up the meds. And the doctors always want tests . Now I gotta get find a doc and so forth and so on , blah blah blah.

Hey, wake up Dr Brad, it’s a small price to pay unless you want to live in a stick house. Took a dinghy ride today, catfish pole in the water, listening to Motown on the XM. Maybe a Canadian and water, fresh veggies for dindin; come on man.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

todays tune ” I’m sitting on top of the world” by various artists

pick me a good one Mark

Off the Island

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“I’m sitting in a railroad station got a ticket for my destination”

Waiting for the Amtrak to Tampa and then bus to Fort Myers. I’m getting my vehicle and heading back. I am now well and good at Hontoon Island State Park. I passed my safety test and will be able to drive the ferry.

There are no cars on the island and I tell you peace and quiet are ubiquitous. I volunteer twenty hours a week for free dockage. The rangers are great, the other volunteers are great,and the guests are great.

We refer to people being off or on the island. Isn’t that 😎. “Where’s Bradley.” “Well I think he’s off the island.”

I talk about how good showers and restrooms are at marinas I visit. Well guess who cleans them ” on the island”, go ahead and guess.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

Tune of the day “Cool Change” by The Little River Band

Another Top Ten

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Well the rain has passed and left breezy clear skies,low humidity, and a need to get off the boat.

I took the dinghy over to Parramore’s Fantastic Fish Camp and bought a day pass. For a fiver I did laundry, took out the trash,filled up with four five gallon water, and took that long shower. Once more I hit a top rated – in top ten- shower room and well kept laundry.  I’ve been on a streak this trip. When you shower out of a bucket or in campgrounds and marinas over the years you get picky. I good day was had by all.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

Stay forever young

Today Rain Tomorrow Ibid.

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Dr Brad standing by on 16

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Interesting Times

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Update from February 7th

New Smyrna beach became an excercise in boating and physics. My location by the bridge became very interesting. { find my live broadcast on Facebook Bradley Schuller } and around sundown the boat needed to be moved. The tide and the wind were equaling each other and the boat was moving in circles by the anchor. The boat spun off .

p1030814 You can see the boat spinning off in this chartplotter image.

I figured no problem after I reset but the night was not over. Around one  in the morning the thunderstorms came and pushed me into the shallows. The tide had just turned and was going down. I had to move or be grounded.

I went out in the storm and moved the boat. Wind rain and tide kept me up all night.

The next day I headed to Fort Mantanzas . The fort was built in 1742 by the Spaniards to protect the city of St. Augustine from the meddling colonists of Georgia led by   Olgethorpe.

The anchorage was wide and the current was a little rippy. I was the only boat within eye shot.

On  2/9 I headed to Pine island . I passed through St Augustine and ended up 50 miles later at a wilderness anchorage. I am still here.The tides have been 5 to 6 feet and the landscape has changed to tidal flats and pines.


The moon visited last night.


Florida likes to burn stuff that grows.


Dr Brad standing by on 16.

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