Chill in the Air, Leaves on the Ground

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Well folks it’s been a few days over 3 months since the summer campaign to invade Michigan began. I’m starting to get a little chilly in the tent the last few days. The high the last two days was 61 degrees an the lows have busted below forty degrees a couple of times. My camp site has been upgraded over the weeks from my last post.

It has become a true outpost. I built my rocket oven and this week the last test is to make a pizza. The oven is built from scraps and I’ve sustained 350 degrees twice. I’ll post pizza pics.

I have enjoyed the camp and the beauty of the undeveloped land – 700 acres.

Gotta love it!

I had to put a new radiator in the Exploder. Thank goodness for online video instruction. I’ll probably be on the road in the next ten days or so. See some friends, visit my sister and prepare to spend all the money I saved this summer on the boat.

This summer was one in which I never needed air conditioning.

Some days I would drive as much as 20 miles on the lawnmower.

I figured I made close to 500 pounds of potato salad.

I sliced more than 900 cucumbers.

I learned how to handle a front loader.

I learned that there is much hope for the young.

Great experience, three months in a Coleman tent, camping all the way.

I did occasionally yearn for the days in graduate school taking advanced statistics, so I made this little chart.

Camping ahh graduate school yea hold my campfire I got this.

Well I would have made this post shorter if I had the time.

Dr Brad standing by on 16 and noaa hurricane tracker.


I’m a Cut Up

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Well I’m doing my roll here at Springhill Camps. First few weeks have been great. There  were some temporary unpleasant experiences like living in a tent thru driving rain and high winds. That was week one. More were on the way.  The first blast was like trying to sleep with one of those mist machines blowing around in your room. Water just misting it’s way thru the tent fabric. The solution was to put a heavy tarp under the rain fly and spray the living hell out of the rest of the tent with silicone. I also used every boat line trick to secure the tent so that every gust was not the beginning of a lord I promise to change prayer.


Finished product, water, wind tight and level.

So my job has been cutting things up. I’m making 40 pounds of chicken salad by hand,slicing up a bushel of cucumbers or a case of onions. The kitchen work is harder this year because they are short staffed. I do like it because the company is great.

When I’m not cutting veggies or poultry I am cutting firewood or a bilzillion acres of grass. I got some great tools for yard work however and there is nothing like a boy and his toys.

Bat wing mower 10 foot cut

John Deere tractor and four wheel steering Bobcat

Well so it goes. I will be heading down to see my sister this week and then back up to the gypsy camp.

So to all of you around the country and all the ships at sea this is Dr Brad standing by on 16.

See You Soon Hontoon

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Well I’m trying to remember when I shoved off from Hontoon Island State Park. It might have been the middle of May or when the temperature started hitting the 90’s. I took my new rear camper

In the Ford Exploder and moved the old lady  up to Acosta Creek Marina to be pulled out for the summer and service in the fall. Took two beautiful days of river time and pulled the old gal out.


This fall yours truly will be doing a bottom job and  buffing the hull and bright work and on and on and so forth and……….

I drove up through Georgia, South Carolina North Carolina over the eastern continental divide heading north into the cool.

I visited a friend in Corbin Ky, visited my sister in  P-burg, stopped and saw Sam’s new River Rat.

I then headed up to Springhill for the summer. I’m decompressing for the weekend and then do my 20hrs. a week. Different tent same platform, gonna be fun.

George even saw a bubbling spring near the trout hatchery so he and solar flower are happy 😊.

So that’s that.

Dr Brad living on land standing by on 16.

I am off Facebook for a while…… too much stuff not enough time.

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