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Bad weather Big List

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The last week has held little promise of working on the boat. Rain and cool temps have put the kabash on cleaning. I have refinished the tiller and polishe some brass. All work limited to the sun porch.
I want wanted to start documenting my project and I purchased a refurbished video camera at auction for thirty dollars. However I need an SD card. I am making a list of things to do before launch this spring. Mostly my labour and little money. I am going to put together a bugdet. I will keep it on the cheap. Why pay marine store prices when the local hardware has the same thing for one third the price.


Having problems

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I am having problems working this site. This is definitley going to be a big learning curve

The “Money Shot”

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Hello world!

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Winston Churchill possessed what he called a black dog. This dog would visit and trigger melancholia. He would go for weeks looking inward. Churchill would come out of these depressions oft-times with the ability to be focused and productive. Churchill’s black dog found me 35 years ago. He pops by for a visit now and then, never know when, and proceeds to hang around long enough to chew up my emotional slippers.

I am the Blackdog Sailor now.

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