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Boats, Birdsong, Bats and Back pay

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Haven’t been on the blog for a while mainly nothing to report. However, some interesting stuff that has B’s at the beginning has hit my radar.

I was surprised to find out that there are one million fewer recreational boaters today the in 2005. In 1997 the average boat age was 15 years and today it is 20 years. Today’s boater averages in their 50’s which is up ten years from 1998. In 2010 83 percent of boaters made less than 100,000 Dollars a year. *0 percent of boaters today boats as children. Thought you might like some interesting facts.

I have had the boat out a few times and last week went to Birdsong embayment about 10 miles down the river.  I am talking to to the marina manager and ask what is the purpose of  these strips of wood floating in the water?  I thought they were adding docks. I found out that they were part of the only fresh water pearl farm in the United States.


Not the best picture but You can’t get close enough for a better shot.

I also took on my last boat washing job for the summer. Too hot for too little money. Of course my last boat was an abandoned 43 foot motor sailor. This boat had not been touched for 6 or 7 years. This boat had lichen growing on the north side like a tree. This boat …….had bats.




Notice the guano in the last picture. All this transpired as I was removing the sail cover to clean the sail cover of mildew. As you might imagine big time damage. Guess what?This is bat breeding season and they are verboten to disturbance. I was off the boat like the proverbial “ you guessed it  out of hell.”

I have mentioned before that I have been working on the office a few hours a week. The owner is out  a while for medical reasons. I have been working more than ever. This is good because I can use the bread. The problem is I need a statement against my account to find out how much the owe me. I keep track of my hours and I have a pretty good chunk of change due. The problem is the bookkeeper is the owner’s live in. Not much paper is trailing – if you know what I mean- and I am getting a little anxious. No big deal though it’s like a savings account. I would probably spend it on frivolous things like wide screen TV’s.

Well that’s about it for now. I have my Cumberland trip planned and will probably leave in the next 4 weeks unless The money is too good to turn down.

This is Dr Brad standing by on 16

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