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Spongetastic !!

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At this point the traveler ponders his future. He got down to 36 dollars and still had the neurotic parallax view to feel guilty about enjoying the place in the here and now he has fortunately found himself.

The place is good. The place looks and smells and tastes of beauty punctuated by people of all ages and castes.

Where else can you go out to exercise your boat and be overtaken by this:


This is the beach from the water. Look at the pictures posted a couple weeks ago from the beach and this is directly offshore.


The traveler, the man, the traveling man, decides to get a little tourist deal going. He takes the bus to Tarpon Springs about one hour north of Clearwater. Although fearing a Dolusium Aventoris  he bravely took the challenge. He was presently surprised that there existed a bit of the real thing as well as the shops and restaurants  to keep the vacationer happy.

Working sponge boat from the 30’s


Sponge boat on dispaly


110 HP flat head diesel from the 30’s made in St. Louis




Sponges, You got your wool sponges your yellow sponges your pot sponges and your finger sponges. All are harvested from the waters outside Tarpon Springs.


The adventurer  had to do a double take on this cat toy-too real- you almost have  touch it to find out.




Tourist come here please….


This is Sophia she works with her family at a sponge broker. They sell the sponges harvested here all over the world. She is the person who coined the term spongetastic. The traveler talked Greek Orthodox Catholicism and  became tutored in the ways of sponges. A more beautiful woman can not be found on the Gulf Coast.


Below are some birds viewed by the indefatigable voyager as he explores the white sand of the Florida west coast.

American Oyster Catcher

american oyster catcher



Roseate Spoonbill

roseate spoonbill

Lesser Yellowlegs

lesser yellowlegs

As we look ahead toward the Solstice we will learn where this brave man will spend his next few months.

Excelsior, onward and upward!!!

Dr Brad standing by on 16.

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