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Yesterday I finally got out sailing. I did not go on my boat but went out on a 35 foot Hunter Legend. Wind was light. The temperature reached 67 degrees and the lake was beautiful. I will be here at Grand Harbor until next weekend and probably go south down the Tenn-Tom just to check it out. Maybe just dip my feet in salt water. I want to finish the original goal of reaching Mobile. The weather is slowly turning warm. We are having more warm days than cold ones. Presently the temperature is 55 degrees. I may have to actually clean the boat a bit.

1-29 sailing 010

1-29 sailing 001

1-29 sailing 012

1-29 sailing 009

1-29 sailing 011

Captain Jeff


1-29 sailing 018

I have lost too much weight

1-29 sailing 019

inside joke- Craig Keaton's next boat


My Shiloh

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Shiloh was a great experience. This is the first battlefield of the war between the states that  I have visited, I consider Cornith part of the same battle. The park was awesome. It has been restored to what it was like in 1862. Where there was woods there were woods. Where there were fields there were fields. Where there were cannons ther were cannons. I got a sense of the troop movements and fighting from both days. The entire battle took place in an area about one and a half square miles or about 800 acres. Imagine 60,000 troops and thier horses and cannons fighting in an area the size of most couty fairgrounds. 24,000 casuties in two days. If you remember the pictures I took going down the river you will see Pittsburg landing from both perspectives. The first day of battle started at 5:45 AM and lasted until dark . The next day the battle started at 6:00 Am and ended around 3;00 PM. Same soldiers little rest and in combat. I was fortunate to be -for instance- at he entire Hornet’s nest by myself. I stood out between the two lines seperated by 300 yards by myself. I stood alone in the some of the biggest carange of the war to that date. I put together a slide show. I hope you like it.

From Corinth to Shiloh

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Tomorrow I am going to Shiloh battlefield. Today I went to see Corinth Mississippi to se where the two battles named after that town were fought. tale was right after Shiloh when Union troops took the railhead in May 1862 when the confederates withdrew. The second battle was in Sept. of 1862 when the confederates attack from the northwest thru the union’s weakest point and briefly took the town until the union turned their batteries on the town itself and mowed down the confederates who had reached the railhead. This battle was the only time there was house to house fighting. Check it out on the internet this is not a history class after all.

Ps the Ohio volunteers were very important in this battle.

One more thing. A quiz;

The town of Corinth was founded in 1858 after the original Corinth was destroyed by:

  • A flood
  • A tornado
  • An earthquake
  • A massive fire

There will be no cash prizes but if  more than one person gets the question right duplicate ties will be awarded.

Declaration of Mississippi Independence

Battle of Cornith Museum

Retreat from Shiloh

Corinth after Shiloh

Part of the Robinette Battery

The Robinette Battery

reproduction of next picture

reproduction of next picture

Union had four months to prepare for attack

The Robinette Battery  fought over and finally turned on the confederates in the town below. Men fell like wheat stalks

The robinette battery that fired on troops in town about a quarter mile away.

The battle was fought for this crossing. North and south, east and west

8000 casualties over this crossing east west north south

Raw Footage IV

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Raw Footage Tres

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Better Camera Part Deux

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More raw footage

Should Have Bought a Better Camera

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On my way to Grand Harbor I attempted some video in the hope of putting together a short film. My 35 dollar camera did the best job it could but I lost most of the good stuff. However I have decided to upload raw footage in a serial format. THe idea was to get ” a day in the life” experience. Now that I am here for a while waiting out the weather Here goes.

The first two clips are Saturday morning the day I left Clifton. All clips are unedited.

Geek Needed In Grand Harbor

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I arrived at Grand Harbor Sunday and got all excited about uploading some footage of the trip through the Pickwick Lock. I am having a heck of a time getting this done. The format of the video is all screwed up. My computer is having Wi-Fi problems and I am lost as to the problem. NEED A GEEK HERE. My GPS is dead and had an appropriate funeral at sea. He died like any $34 GPS would have liked, in a crucial situation.

On the brighter side of things Grad Harbor is nice. My slip has a great view of the river and is very private. I will be going to Shiloh battlefield when the weather breaks. I hope to rig the boat for sailing and on a good day in the upper 40’s I am taking her out. This is a 83,000 acre lake and very scenic.

I will try to upload the video even if I have to do it as raw footage a bit at a time. Here are some photos from this leg of the trip. Very few because I did mostly  video

pickwick run 006

Anchorage Behind Diamond Island Saturday night. Got down to 23 degrees

pickwick run 008

Still snow on the ground

pickwick run 016

Flags at half staff for Gabby

pickwick run 023

First look at Pickwick Lake – smooth as glass

pickwick run 028

My back porch

Grand Harbour mile 449.7

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Bradley J Schuller
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> Subject: Grand Harbour mile 449.7
> Doc is in Marina. At Mile 449.7 just off Pickwick Lake.
> Weather is warmer.

Doc watch2.doc

Leaving at 6:58 am

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Time to head to Pickwick Lake. I am leaving  on sat. 1/15 at dawn to head up river, which is actually south toward Pickwick dam. the river miles are only 48 but with the current it will take me two and a half days to get there. I was in the courtesy car yesterday to Savannah and it is a 45 minute drive  to the dam and lock. River miles are slow and peaceful like the passing scent of a beautiful woman.

I may be out of touch for a few days. Here are some history photos for all ya’all before I set off. I know How some of the folks I know at the “Bucket” are civil war buffs. The truth is the war is all over this river. Clifton is where Nathan B. Forrest started his Western raids in 1862 when he crossed the river here at  the ferry crossing that is still here. Below are some pictures you might like.

The church in the photos was turned into a livery stable by the  union army encampment behind it  and the church filed for reparations to the federal government of 1500 dollars to fix the damage. The church was awarded 980 dollars and the brick work you can see near the front entrance is the result of those repairs.

The last pictures are the wonderful accepting people of this town with which I have spent an educational and loving week with.

jan 14 clifton 002

looking toward ferry crossing

jan 14 clifton 005

jan 14 clifton 004

jan 14 clifton 003

jan 14 clifton 009

jan 14 clifton 011

I spent a week here, I am moving on, God I love it so.

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