My Shiloh

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Shiloh was a great experience. This is the first battlefield of the war between the states that  I have visited, I consider Cornith part of the same battle. The park was awesome. It has been restored to what it was like in 1862. Where there was woods there were woods. Where there were fields there were fields. Where there were cannons ther were cannons. I got a sense of the troop movements and fighting from both days. The entire battle took place in an area about one and a half square miles or about 800 acres. Imagine 60,000 troops and thier horses and cannons fighting in an area the size of most couty fairgrounds. 24,000 casuties in two days. If you remember the pictures I took going down the river you will see Pittsburg landing from both perspectives. The first day of battle started at 5:45 AM and lasted until dark . The next day the battle started at 6:00 Am and ended around 3;00 PM. Same soldiers little rest and in combat. I was fortunate to be -for instance- at he entire Hornet’s nest by myself. I stood out between the two lines seperated by 300 yards by myself. I stood alone in the some of the biggest carange of the war to that date. I put together a slide show. I hope you like it.

  1. Brought tears to my eyes. If you haven’t heard the soundtrack of the play, “The Civil War,” please Google it. It is SO extraordinary. They tried to change it when it left Texas – change it into a more “normal” musical – so it unfortunately didn’t last long on Broadway.If you can’t find it, let me know, or try Linda Eder or Frank Wildhorne (sp?) – anyway, i’m sure it will make one HECK of an evening, and it’s worth the effort to add so much to your experience! Excelsior – Linda


  2. Hey Brad:
    Thanks for the touching slide show, it was interesting coupled with a little imagination.

    Warmer weather coming your way,


  3. Brad, I really enjoyed the History Lesson!


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