Leaving at 6:58 am

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Time to head to Pickwick Lake. I am leaving  on sat. 1/15 at dawn to head up river, which is actually south toward Pickwick dam. the river miles are only 48 but with the current it will take me two and a half days to get there. I was in the courtesy car yesterday to Savannah and it is a 45 minute drive  to the dam and lock. River miles are slow and peaceful like the passing scent of a beautiful woman.

I may be out of touch for a few days. Here are some history photos for all ya’all before I set off. I know How some of the folks I know at the “Bucket” are civil war buffs. The truth is the war is all over this river. Clifton is where Nathan B. Forrest started his Western raids in 1862 when he crossed the river here at  the ferry crossing that is still here. Below are some pictures you might like.

The church in the photos was turned into a livery stable by the  union army encampment behind it  and the church filed for reparations to the federal government of 1500 dollars to fix the damage. The church was awarded 980 dollars and the brick work you can see near the front entrance is the result of those repairs.

The last pictures are the wonderful accepting people of this town with which I have spent an educational and loving week with.

jan 14 clifton 002

looking toward ferry crossing

jan 14 clifton 005

jan 14 clifton 004

jan 14 clifton 003

jan 14 clifton 009

jan 14 clifton 011

I spent a week here, I am moving on, God I love it so.

  1. How very remarkable.. not the journey you planned, but still filled with so much to cherish! You are truly blessed.


  2. Your friends don’t look happy at all. What did you do to piss em off Doc?


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