From Corinth to Shiloh

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Tomorrow I am going to Shiloh battlefield. Today I went to see Corinth Mississippi to se where the two battles named after that town were fought. tale was right after Shiloh when Union troops took the railhead in May 1862 when the confederates withdrew. The second battle was in Sept. of 1862 when the confederates attack from the northwest thru the union’s weakest point and briefly took the town until the union turned their batteries on the town itself and mowed down the confederates who had reached the railhead. This battle was the only time there was house to house fighting. Check it out on the internet this is not a history class after all.

Ps the Ohio volunteers were very important in this battle.

One more thing. A quiz;

The town of Corinth was founded in 1858 after the original Corinth was destroyed by:

  • A flood
  • A tornado
  • An earthquake
  • A massive fire

There will be no cash prizes but if  more than one person gets the question right duplicate ties will be awarded.

Declaration of Mississippi Independence

Battle of Cornith Museum

Retreat from Shiloh

Corinth after Shiloh

Part of the Robinette Battery

The Robinette Battery

reproduction of next picture

reproduction of next picture

Union had four months to prepare for attack

The Robinette Battery  fought over and finally turned on the confederates in the town below. Men fell like wheat stalks

The robinette battery that fired on troops in town about a quarter mile away.

The battle was fought for this crossing. North and south, east and west

8000 casualties over this crossing east west north south

  1. Hey Brad:
    I dont know the answer to the quiz. However, I think that is the area where Bufford Pusser put on a sheriff badge and was weilding his impressive ball bat. I think his objective was to clean up stateline activities and general mayhem at the Ms. and Tn. borders but he was a Tn sheriff that kicked butt…….



  2. Since you are on a TVA waterway I am going to guess that the town was destroyed by a flood, but a quick Google search did not help answer the question. The websites just say that the town was founded in 1855 as Cross City due to the railroads crossing there but the name was changed in 1857 at the suggestion of a local newspaperman, then everything jumps to 1861 and the Civil War battles there. What’s the scoop?


  3. I’m going to guess tornado… no reason, just a guess. Carol


  4. The town of Corinth in Greece was destroyed by an earthquake in 1858


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