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Feel the Burn

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A few days ago I thought I would walk one of the trails and trim some saw palmettos back off the footpath. I ended up getting sidetracked walking the perimeter of the prescribed burn that was done about 4 weeks ago.

Florida is in a wildfire emergency at the moment but without fire the flora and fauna of the state could not remain in balance. Here are some pictures from my hike.

These pictures although obscured by leaves show the depth of fuel on the forest floor that form a surface that appears just like ground with leaves. It is actually layers of dead vegetation that burn like peat below the surface and can spread the fire underneath with out surface visibility. This layer once removed allows new growth of other wise restricted plants like new pine and fern. This cover is the equivalent of putting mulch on your garden.

After about 5 weeks you see ferns growing,the saw palmettos coming back and pine cones opened to release seeds.

One last thing about the fecundity of the forest. I found this foot long piece of tree branch with 4 separate flora growing in harmony.

The actual last thing. Don’t worry about the critters. The controlled burns allow most animals to get out and the ones that are smaller and at times don’t get along well will seek shelter in dens. One popular spot is the gopher tortoise den that is actually quite large. So feel the burn with good feelings.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

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