Interesting Times

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Update from February 7th

New Smyrna beach became an excercise in boating and physics. My location by the bridge became very interesting. { find my live broadcast on Facebook Bradley Schuller } and around sundown the boat needed to be moved. The tide and the wind were equaling each other and the boat was moving in circles by the anchor. The boat spun off .

p1030814 You can see the boat spinning off in this chartplotter image.

I figured no problem after I reset but the night was not over. Around one  in the morning the thunderstorms came and pushed me into the shallows. The tide had just turned and was going down. I had to move or be grounded.

I went out in the storm and moved the boat. Wind rain and tide kept me up all night.

The next day I headed to Fort Mantanzas . The fort was built in 1742 by the Spaniards to protect the city of St. Augustine from the meddling colonists of Georgia led by   Olgethorpe.

The anchorage was wide and the current was a little rippy. I was the only boat within eye shot.

On  2/9 I headed to Pine island . I passed through St Augustine and ended up 50 miles later at a wilderness anchorage. I am still here.The tides have been 5 to 6 feet and the landscape has changed to tidal flats and pines.


The moon visited last night.


Florida likes to burn stuff that grows.


Dr Brad standing by on 16.


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