Working at the Carwash – Not Blues

In Uncategorized on 26/03/2012 at 15:42

Well Coming toward the end Of March and I am working part time at the office. Getting the boat ready and obtaining some inexpensive equipment. Below is my $20 trolling motor and my $20 weather station “with” rain gage:


Look at me go Weeee…P1000077


Made a few dollars washing boats for rich people.  Love living on the dock out in the open now and the whole boat is living space. I’ve been out on the river a few times and since I don’t work weekends it looks like a trip up to Paris Landing and some cove exploration along the way is in order.

I have fixed every small leak on this old tub and now it’s deck time and finish the window trim. I got hold of a nice piece of teak in trade for some work on a pontoon. Craig Keaton can tell you all about pontoon boats. I am also making a hoist for the dingy and the battery so this old boy will not have to do real physical labor-got to love physics. Sam is helping with all this stuff and his brother is the source of the trolling motor.

I am still off the smokes. Imagine that. Remember,” never complain and never explain”

Write me if you still have the strength.


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