Really Good and Really Bad

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This is no big message. Very simple and to the point.
First things first—– Mike Norris is now Doctor Norris. Maybe the one academic deal I had left. I am proud of him, I love the man for his effort and he is now after years of work run the educational, emotional gauntlet to achieve something very few will ever dream about. He didn’t do it because he had a free ride he did it because he had the will and the desire. He gave up a chunk of his life to te the best and most well informed of his generation.
The other thing is that I have been using window 8 customer review for my operating system for about a week. Granted they are doing some Apple F— yous. I do like that. The problem is they take over your computer like 1984. They will not allow any apps that have not hooked up with them to get thru their security system. It took me four steps to just get back to a blog I have used for two years.
Stay away from this system It is their attempt to control all your apps . Real bad JU JU

  1. Try using smoke signals. Requires no app. Just wood & a blanket.


  2. Need lighter too unless you were a Boy Scout and know how to rub two pieces together and get a flame. lol

    Whereabouts are you these days?

    Went sailing this past Sunday and the weather was gorgeous. Perfect sailing weather!

    St. Patrick’s Day Regatta this Saturday followed by drinks and dinner (green beer included).

    Wish you could be there!



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