This Old Boat

In old boat on 27/01/2012 at 09:12

Nothing like making a 26 year old boat look like a 16 year old boat. I am finding out that all the windows and trim on this boat where made by hand. I am in the process of replacing the windows and slides;

jan peb isle-8

jan peb isle-11

All the frames were hand cut as well as the openings. Neither frame is exactly the same.  The beauty of an old boat. I am ordering new tracks and new safety glass. Piece of crap only lasted 26 years haa… Don’t worry, they build them good in Sweden eh Sven.

George says hi. I got the little bastard a new chair and he still wants more.

jan peb isle-14

Keep sending Lawyers, guns and money.

  1. Hey Doc:
    Glad to see you got a project coming up with the windows. But, you retired guys got it! Looks like the windows may be a little drafty and let the ole cold air in the cabin. When are you going downstream again? You been there long enough to start your own family……dont forget to use Marine wood around the windows..

    All the best,


    • Windows sound like good project. Maybe not Winter project though. Isn’t it too cold to be doing that stuff?


      • Not down here. Remember not in Ohio. Temp in pilot house with window out and sealed with bubble insulation and gorilla tape 75 degrees. Found a local guy who I worked with and wwent thru catologues and found the originial channels for theses windows. He loves to fabricate stuff. Got a big break. These old windows will be like new.I have done hopurs of research about boat windows and frames. The key is flexibility- not to tight, and butyl caulk. Most boat chandleries do not have butly caulk because– I do not know. try to find it at West Marine. Cannot do. Original Albins were all cualked with butyl. lasted 26 years I am going the same direction. Whoops out of wine and no cell service. Beleive it or not there is an insect on my computer screen. Yes it is not that much winter down here.


  2. Hi-I’m a beginning sailor and found you on one of the dating websites by typing in “sailing”. I live near Chattanooga, TN, and just started sailing last fall. Been sailing throughout the winter on weekends (work through the week) and trying to sail with as many experienced sailors as I can to get the experience. So much to learn!!!

    Saw your blog about living on the sailboat and found it interesting. I’ve signed up to follow your blog. Don’t know if I’d want to live on a sailboat permanently but would love to do it for several months preferably in a warmer climate.

    Please email me if you ever want to talk sailing.



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