What a Difference a Year Makes

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Sorry no post for awhile. Been through a few medical issues and haven’t had the inertia. But remember:

Character is determined by what you do on the third and fourth tries.

It has been a mild winter and short sleeve shirts, temps in the high fifties, sixties, and a little part time work. All is good. Last year it looked like this;

dec 12 003

This year like this;


Pebble Isle folks have been good as gold. We have taken turn doing big lunches for the work crew and the live aboards. I have gotten to be the designated dishwasher. All that high school part time work not wasted. I also do sous chef work and expedite. We are the best educated kitchen staff west of Nashville. I didn’t go to dishwasher doctor school for 7 years to be called Mr. dishwasher.

I finally got the prop deal done and had mine reworked but the water is so low now we can’t pull the boat. I don’t care. I am having a good adventure.

I had sad news last week. I found out two good people who had made my life better than it ought to have been passed away. They both live in my thoughts and will never really be gone. I had a double for both of them.

My boat has been moved for the fourth time. I am a true transient when you not only move down the river but move around the marinas on the river. I have met one of my goals for my trip so far; I have been to every liquor store and Wal-Mart between Marietta and Iuka Mississippi. I did not hit all the Dollar General stores. I am only one man.

People said I should not have gone down the river last year at the time I did. Well enough said. This year I would have made it all the way no sweat. What a difference a year makes.


new years res

By for now

  1. Good Post… now we know what you are doing.
    Regards from D & C


  2. Enjoy the adventure Doc!


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