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In Only my opinion on 29/01/2012 at 17:49

I do not like to editorialize too much- yea right- however I just quit smoking two days ago and I am angry at Bass fishermen. I was on the dock working on my boat today and some fisherman in the old 35, 000 bas boat were casting under around and on the side of my boat. I asked them if they could please try and stay about ten feet from my boat with their casting. They got offended. I got red and and jaw jacked. wasn’t pleasant conversation. They did move on.

I like fishing. I like fisherman. I fish. I like to catch bass. No problem with fishing or fishermen. Problem is with ignorance and manners. I wanted to ask the mouthy one where he lived so I could come over to his house and shoot sparrows with a pellet gun in his yard really close to his windows. I know people up and down the lake who have had hooks caught in their hands when they go to untie a boat. I have seen chips in gel coat happen before my eyes in a number of places I have stayed over. I have a a friend of mine who has a collection of about 30 lures and hooks he has pulled from his lines and his sunbrella over the last 5 years. Get my point.

Here I sit on a lake that is 183 miles long with more shoreline than most large bays. You have this expensive high speed boat which can travel and fish miles of this lake in one day. Can’t do that. These low skill fisherman go to the docks. They might as well be pier fishing. I could go up and down the docks with a cane pole instead of some 400 dollar signature bass rod and reel and do just as well. How about a little skill boys and go explore and mrk some hotspots and be a real sportsman. These are the same guys who go to a fenced in private preserve to get their buck.

This is not about all bass fisherman. This is about the lazy ones.

Last point about courtesy. I slow down when I am coming through a narrow channel and there are fisherman nearby. When they are actually in the channel they get the horn. Some boats draft more than 18 inches. I try to observe the no wake zones. You know what I am about to say so I won’t.

Anyway I feel better and I did not have to smoke.

By the way here is the humor for the day:

A picture of a West Tennessee health club I captured a couple days ago;


Nothing like a Nordic Track

  1. Brad they should have given you respect any good sportsman would had done that. This is a example why it is hard to get permission to hunt and fish on private land. By the way hang in there with the quit smoking stay away from stress .good luck Tim


  2. Hey Doc:
    Ah, the perils of life, as it is. I deal with idiots a couple times a week and they are my customers. I wonder if thats why I drink so much Budweiser. Anywhoo, I smoked Camel non-filter for almost 40yrs and quit in 2006. Of course, it was heart attack related not because I wanted to quit. Good luck quitting on your own. Actually, it was one of the best things I ever done for me and my wife.

    All the best,


  3. Amen to the lures and hooks in the lines! How do you get the point across to some of those guys without a club?
    Hang a strobe in the water to scare the fish away! Asking nice doesn’t seem to work.
    Stay off the weeds


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