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See You Soon Hontoon

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Well I’m trying to remember when I shoved off from Hontoon Island State Park. It might have been the middle of May or when the temperature started hitting the 90’s. I took my new rear camper

In the Ford Exploder and moved the old lady  up to Acosta Creek Marina to be pulled out for the summer and service in the fall. Took two beautiful days of river time and pulled the old gal out.


This fall yours truly will be doing a bottom job and  buffing the hull and bright work and on and on and so forth and……….

I drove up through Georgia, South Carolina North Carolina over the eastern continental divide heading north into the cool.

I visited a friend in Corbin Ky, visited my sister in  P-burg, stopped and saw Sam’s new River Rat.

I then headed up to Springhill for the summer. I’m decompressing for the weekend and then do my 20hrs. a week. Different tent same platform, gonna be fun.

George even saw a bubbling spring near the trout hatchery so he and solar flower are happy 😊.

So that’s that.

Dr Brad living on land standing by on 16.

I am off Facebook for a while…… too much stuff not enough time.

Today’s vibe ….. Visitors choice



Siempre Adelante

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“Boating (Baseball) is 90% mental and the other half is physical”  Yogi Berra

I’ve been hanging in mobile throughout 2015 and have accomplished the boating tasks I set out to do. Things take awhile when the battle of the budget is joined. However it has been a verdant year and now I am ready for another stab at Florida. I hope to go south and go through the Okeechobee waterway to the east coast  and then up to Jacksonville.

Other boaters and my own experience tell  me that you can have a destination or a schedule but not both.

As I organize and reorganize, pack and unpack, make lists and remake lists, I think of the things I have accomplished this year.

With a pretty frugal budget I have :

Purchased a vehicle


Helped Joe Bru bring his boat from Columbus Mississippi to Mobile

2015-01-19 001 2015-01-19 002

Purchased a dinghy


Rebuilt Alternator

alternator 2014-06-11 001

Did a bottom paint job and waxed the  hull

boatpaint 2015-04-29 003

Visited my sister and her critters


and watched her win a few bucks at the casino.

Some of those winnings ended up on this boat

Refitted port side port lights

portlight4 2014-09-25 002

Painted wheelhouse roof

Cleaned up dash wiring

wire cleanup 2014-10-06 001

Repainted deck

Replaced counter top in head

heaD3 2015-03-05 005

Replaced carpet in wheelhouse

Built collapsible shelf in wheel house

shelf 2015-03-02 009

New bimini from gifted old bimini


Painted engine room sole and engine

painted engine 2014-10-10 001

Installed four new 8 inch cleats

Took a trip to Dauphin Island

pelican island 2015-05-22 022

Took a trip to Biloxi

biloxi trip 3 2015-06-19 003

Lots of other little things like refinishing, cleaning, bolting, tightening, rewiring, and such.

On top of that I managed to put on 15 lbs. I am however still smart and good looking.

I saw my first alligator. She was staring at me about six feet from my boat.

biloxi trip 12 2015-06-15 001



I hope to be leaving the first of the month.

Can’t sign off without …….

biloxi trip 4 2015-06-19 004

Mother Nature is so photogenic !

Standing by on 16

Dr Brad

Another Project Closer to Traveling On

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A time comes when the old lady needs a new dress. Pulling and blocking the boat for a bottom job is something all boat lovers face every few years. Look closely at the bow just above the water line and see a little patch of tannin staining called a mustache. Does  it look like she’s smiling?


Well ,we block the old gal up and get to work. you can see my crème puff Ford “ Exploder” on the left

boatpaint 2015-04-29 003

I found very few barnacles on the hull itself . You can see where the paint has sloughed off below the water line. I use bottom paint that is referred to as ablative. The word is from the Latin meaning remove or cut off.  The paint contains copper and this keeps the critters from living on the hull. It’s like DEET for a boat. The paint slowly comes off over time and keeps the hull smooth and efficient. Using this type of paint as opposed to non ablative is that ablative doesn’t build up and need heavy stripping and sanding after a few coats over the years. Also it is best for boats that travel as opposed to sit at the dock.

bw7 2015-04-26 003

The first thing I did was wax the sides if the hull with a high speed buffer.

bw4 2015-04-28 001

Looking where the ladder is you can see the area behind it shined.

bw4 2015-04-28 004

Below is all the stuff needed to make the mess on the bottom. Paint thinner, paint, brushes and so on.


The piece below is called the skeg and is used to protect the rudder and propeller. This one is fiberglass covered white oak. I used some fiberglass to fix a few cracks I found and one can see the fiberglass cloth mess I made.

boatpaint1 2015-04-29 001

The worst part of the bottom was the running gear .This means the propeller, rudder and shaft. Any paint on these will be blown off by the force of the prop wash. See the anode in the center. There are anodes made of zinc on the rudder and shaft to prevent electrolysis of the bronze. The current generated by the ground wires on the boat dissolves the anodes and not the good stuff.


Don’t cover the anode with paint. It won’t work. Masking tape is god’s gift. The rudder has been wire brushed and sanded

bw3 2015-04-28 001

The propeller looked like hell.

Looking to the left of the prop there is a flange bolted to the hull. I should have resealed this while the boat was out. Five days later I would be pulling the boat to fix a leak at that flange. Expensive memory problem. That’s all I saying about that !


Blood sweat and tears brought me to the end. Two coats of paint – about two gallons – of blue ablative and spraying the running gear with zinc paint I was good to go. The zinc paint is an experiment. Boaters have noted that barnacles don’t grow on zinc. So even though it will come off or be sacrificed at some point I decided to see how long it lasts. When the diver checks it out later this summer we will know. Notice on the bow the mustache is gone.

boatpaint 2015-04-29 002




Tired and needing a drink

Back in the drink and I had a drink.



ain’t she a beauty…….

Some of the pictures I used are from my iPhone. I don’t like the quality and had trouble finding some good pictures to use. I think I just didn’t push or slide or talk or something to make them better.

I am still an unclaimed treasure in Mobile Alabama.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

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