Jurassic River

In Lonely, long haul, st Johns River on 21/02/2017 at 18:06

Give me a river and I can’t help but navigate it to end. Jurassic is a name you can’t turn down. Actually it’s the Ocklawaha River. She’s a beaut!

That was my morning. The rain though she be coming in so I needed a hidey hole for a couple days. I set out about noon for Morrison Island. Figured an easy ride about 18 miles over Lake George. Well as you can guess the wind started coughing like a chest cold and got up to about 20 +. What happens in the middle of a blow in the middle of a lake? My main dinghy tow line frayed in uncomfortable seas.


Well with a lucky act of seamanship I retied the little guy and  only cussed up a small squall. I am now laying at Morrison Island.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

The song of the day is Just walk Away Rene by the Four Tops

the captain feels a little lonely today

  1. Living the dream!!


  2. Hey Doc:
    It looks like the “Little Amazon” with water moccasin’s lurking everywhere……Vern


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