Deep Creek

In Moving on on 18/02/2017 at 15:42

Yesterday I moved from my anchorage to the old navy base at Green Cove Springs. The place is now owned by the Reynolds family of you guessed it – Reynolds wrap tin foil. Mr Reynold was actually the head of Reynolds Aluminum and the foil is not tin.

The old navy base used to be a reserve or mothball base for more than 500 ships. Look it up it’s an interesting story that has a few twists and turns.


The base also has some interesting other residents beside the two yacht centers and other industrial sites.

Can you recognize the pointy object on the left. It’s from a famous NASA project. The ship was involved in the biggest treasure ever found. Look up Tommy G Thompson on google. The Truth is still better than fiction. The lift is the biggest I’ve ever seen.

Visited some friends Rod andPauline on their boat on the hard. They are having some keel work done. They gave me extensive information on the St Johns River. I hope to meet up with them later up the river. They fed me well and released me into the wild. They have traveled over 25000 miles on the Two by Two.

I am ensconced at Deep Creek on a lee shore. Tomorrow on to Palatka.


Dr Brad standing by on 16.


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