Under the Bridge

In Moving on, On the river on 12/02/2017 at 14:49

This is my second day at Clapboard Creek. I am off the St Johns River about 3 miles in a very beautiful spot. The bridge I came under to get here is only 12 feet at high tide. I’m ten feet.

I’ve got a few fishing boats but no big wake machines. Tomorrow I’ll head toward the Ortega River for a couple days at dock. It’s the middle of the month and I need to get off the boat for some exercise and fresh vegetables.

This next marina is supposed to cost just a dollar per foot per day. I hope so, that will leave me laundry šŸ’°.

I dropped a couple lines in today but the šŸŸ took Sunday off.

Here is the old Goggle pic


Dr Brad standing by on 16


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