Boiled Peanuts

In boat life, winter in the south on 07/02/2017 at 15:10

Left Titusville about 8 ish. Stopped New Smyrna Beach . Just passed the 1000 mile mark from Mobile on this excursion. Nothing like walking on water for a few months to rack up the miles.

Passed through the Haulover canal about 5 miles from Titusville. The canal connects the Indian River to Mosquito Sound. The canal at one time in the early 19th century was nonexistent and boats and canoes were pulled over the bar on logs. The canal was dug and completed in 1887. History is 😎.

Plugged along and anchored south of the bridge and that’s it. Saw a bunch of derilict boats.

I ran out of boiled 🥜 about 1500 Greenwich Mean Time.

Dr Brad standing by on 16




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