Back to the present

In Moving on, on the mend on 24/01/2017 at 15:37


Well at this point the traveler has realized he has been absent from this site for a year. The traveler now feeling disappointed in himself decides to publish and review his absence.


So a few things came to memory. He filmed a sunrise at Dog Island. The traveler watched off shore power boat races. He got to see monarch butterflies in Apalachicola.the fella had a stowaway 25 miles out I never the gulf..transported a boat thru a storm. Volunteered at camp,hung around Glen Lake, took the Natchez Trace and saw sugar cane burn south of Lake Okeechobee.

Presently the traveler and his boat crew are anchored atW.P Franklin lock on the Coloosahatchee River. He is now back on the water. He is back living in the present.

George and the crew say ,”hola.”



This is Dr Brad standing by on 16.

ps. This WordPress app sucks. On iPad





  1. Welcome back, Dr. Brad, you’ve been missed.


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