Looks like another Solstice in Mobile

In old boat, winter in the south on 22/10/2014 at 17:30

Well my last post had this old boy summering at Grand Mariner. Well here I am still. The summer was hot and I spent a month on the road cooling  down with friends and family. Barry and Denise gave me that feel at home friendship and spending time with my sister Linda was great. I haven’t eaten as well since then.

Well since I came back it hasn’t been all polo and mint juleps. Below are a few projects I have under taken.

 painted engine 2014-10-10 001

I cleaned and painted the engine room and the engine. I also decided to pull the port lights and fix whatever leaks I had been chasing for 6 months. I found some bad wood, cleaned it out and replaced it with new wood and plastic putty. Stronger than ever and a perfect dry fit. I will  cover the panel with frp and the final pictures will be on the nest post.

portlight4 2014-09-25 005

portlight3 2014-09-25 003

2014-09-28 001 2014-09-28 001

I painted the pilot house roof. Not the best job but you can always count the weather to wear down the mistakes. It really is difficult. to paint a boat by hand.

roofand walk 2014-10-18 001

I cleaned up the spaghetti mess of wiring I have had to stare at for about a year.

wire 2014-10-06 002

wire clean 2014-10-22 003

And finally I started feeling very guilty about rides for groceries, doctors, dentists and supplies. The result of this is at the end of the following clip.

Winter quarters

Well I just wanted to get something out. I also had the alternator rebuilt – it runs like a charm- and had the bottom inspected. Need a haul out in the spring for a bottom job. So saving money for that as well as a new tender and bimini top.

Well that’s it for now. Write me if you still have the strength.

Dr Brad Standing by on 16

Post Script: Since I am going to be here awhile I will attempt to hit the town and the beach in the city that held the first Mardi Gras.

  1. Doc. About time you posted. The DEA was looking for you something about young Korean girls. I directed them to Pebble Isle Marina. Great video and new ride. Come see us soon.
    Barry & Denise
    aboard 0 Regrets


  2. It’s good to have you back Dr. Brad! Hope you make it back to GP this summer!


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