I was 17 Years Old

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Today is my birthday.

In 1967 Sir Francis Chichester returned from a circumnavigation of the globe after making two stops. Remember no GPS, no Computers, no solar power, no modern space satellite images, no smart phones just a compass and and a sextant and a barometer.

He said on his return that that the only challenge left in sailing was for a single handed sailor to sail the globe without a stop.

No help, no fuel, no water, no nothing. Remember how technical your world was in 1968 if you were even born.

Knox – Johnston left on the race at the age of 29 and lost any communication for the last four and a half months of the journey. He ended up with a sextant, some charts and a barometer he borrowed from a pub before he left.

The Challenge is best remembered by the story of Donald Crowhurst  which you can research.

He arrived in Plymouth in 1969 eleven and one half months after leaving.

People sail and boat around the globe now on regular basis. But once it’s done once it’s done.

He did it on a boat like this an early model he used.


I complain when it takes me an hour to load a post. I complain when the wind blows and I can’t make coffee……

I am doing nothing nothing new or special.

The people that do things new and special are those folks who spend every waking hour not watching the compass on a boat but watching the compass to steer a good course for their children. Watching their supplies to get to the next step up in life. The people that conserve their physical and material resources to overcome an illness.

The first timers are everybody who has tread on new ground whether raising children, grandchildren, facing illness, climbing out of poverty, being the first in family to go to school; the list is endless the list of the real record setters.

Dr Brad standing by on 16, or as long as I can after a few birthday drinks.

  1. Well said young man. Happy birthday my friend. You are living every mans dream & nightmare. Smooth sailing in
    every part of your life.


  2. Doc, which way are you headed?? We’re currently living in Charleston SC & if you are headed this way I have a couch with your name on it & a hot meal. Hell, I’ll even throw in a beer. xo


  3. Happy Birthday Brad! You are living my dream and I hope some day to be out there too. Stay safe!!


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