The Forgotten Coast Forgotten.

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I am sitting in Mandalay Channel waiting on some severe thunderstorms to hit. I hope I have enough Anchor rode out.

Well I have completed the Big Bend around Florida.

2/17 Tyson Harbor anchored

2/18 St. Marks anchored

2/19 Stienhatchee Sea Hag Marina

2/23 Anchored at sea outside Suwanee River

2/24 Crystal River anchored

3/2 Anclote Key  anchored

3/3 Mandalay Channel Anchoring now

356 Statute Miles mostly on open water but here I am in what people call the real Florida.Here are some pictures of the “ real Florida”



Real Florida at night


I have noticed the noise of cars, airplanes, jet skis and lack of birds, critters in the water and I already miss the quiet.

The Trip was awesome. To get here I spent one day at the wheel for 10.5 hours and traveled 70 miles over fairly rough water for half the time.

Crystal River was nice. Manatees and clean clear fresh water  flowing from springs at a  constant 72 degrees. Thousands of people come from all over the world to see and swim with the manatees. They were around my boat all the time and getting out of the dinghy one day one came up behind me and snorted on the back of my head. Scared the hell out of me.

With all these people searching for manatees I put together a clip . I took a song and started taking photos until the song ended and put them together.

Here it is:

Here are some snaps from the trip


Mam with dog


Osprey on boat nextdoor

P1020268 (2)

Night Herron at Stienhatchee rare sighting for me


Storm coming right for me on the open gulf

And Now the Bad News

I stopped and changes my oil and refueled at Mark One Marina. I noticed my batteries were not holding a charge and I fear my alternator may be out and it killed the batteries. I am Keeping them charged with the Honda.

Thank God I am off the open water. Beside the Real Florida this the real expensive Florida.

I am watching the storm come in and collating a solution. Money is tight but remember I have gotten this far on a wish and a prayer. My motto “ Don’t waste poverty.”

I will keep updating.

Dr. Brad standing by on 16

  1. Wish you fair sailing and a happy birthday! We are FINALLY going down to the boat today (first time I’ve been there for more than 3 months)! It will be Spring soon. . .


  2. Happy birthday, Doc!


  3. Happy Birthday Doc!! I miss you from time to time you dirty jew. xoxo


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