The Truth Is Out There

In On the gulf, winter in the south on 23/01/2014 at 09:34

Well, here we are finally, after experiencing  some recent unpleasantness.

What happened as I was crossing Mobile Bay three weeks ago? When you feel like that little metal thing rattling around as you shake the spray paint you lose perspective.

Is it A,B,C,D or all the above.

As they say in the X Files; the truth is out there……










I have not lost my mind -yet. I have made it to Port St Joe Florida and will be here until the middle of Feb. There will be more to follow.

When I was Alive in the 19th century I wrote stuff like this about Florida:

” Adverse winds prolonged my voyage to an unpleasant extent it taking 7 days to reach St Joe. The calm bay now is a marvelously beautiful sheet of water with finely wooded embankments and a margin of white beach that seems to bind it with a belt of snow.”

Dr Brad standing by on 16.


  1. Kim & I love the film clips. Glad you’re safe and semiconscious, as usual. Ha ha…seriously have cocktail, rest up, fix boat, in that order! Leaving goose pond when weather permits,or when Kim tells me to. Keep in touch, your friends, kim&roland


  2. So glad you are back online! Loved seeing your dolphin buddies. These video clips convey everything except how cold you must have been while this was going on. Do you have a way to heat the cabin while underway?


  3. Great videos, Doc! I’m glad you crossed over (basically) in one piece. What marina are you at in Port St. Joe? Are you taking the reverse journey mid-February? Take a rest and relax in sunny Florida, and keep the updates coming. Stay safe.


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