Blood on the Deck – Terror in the Bay

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Don’t ya just love that title. Well it has been eventful since leaving Bobby’s Fish camp. First day out I put the pedal to metal and logged 56.2 miles in one day. This was a record for me for the whole trip. I stopped at Three Rivers about MM 63. I was in a tidal zone and had to reset the anchor.


Sunrise at Bobby’s and as I left I realized I will spent 25 days out and just 5 days at dock from 11/3 to 12/3


Getting back to resetting the anchor. I always thought I would fall out of the boat. I actually fell onto the spar deck and an open spar deck hatch cover from the top of the aft cabin. I have stepped down from the top of that cabin dozens of times. This time I had inadvertently set the U.S. Flag where I step. Thank god there was a sharp edged hatch cover to slow the fall by ripping the crap out of my arm. I had that momentary “ I have broken my arm and I have no cell service.” thing going . but grabbing a bar towel and some masking tape that was handy I wrapped her up and reset the anchor.


The last lock Coffeyville. Look just below the first set of windows and you can see a line where the flood of 1979 came up to


Leaving Three Rivers Heading to Big Bayou Canot at mile 9.9. I logged 55.24 miles


What has a bunch of knees but no legs? Cypress trees of course


My stuff on the Mobile River


First look at Mobile




I really like this. This is the business end of a Tow boat


Stealth Destroyer. It’s hard to get a good picture


I have no idea what this building is I am just snapping pictures like a fool


More of that stealth stuff


A memorial to shrink wrap


Into the bay


This is out in the bay about five miles where things began to go wrong. First of all the wind which was forecast at 10 to 15 mph became 15 to 24 mph.


This is the last picture I took on the bay because stuff was flying around like those slow motion movie scenes where the bus turns over and all the luggage and stuff goes flying.

Now here is the point where I got upset. I am too far to turn back and my depth sounder goes down. It will do this on occasion because something sticks to sensor for a few minutes. This was bad enough but the engine governor or throttle linkage ( I am still collating data) was acting up which caused the engine to race up about 200 rpms and then back down. So I cut back on the throttle which minimized it to a point. The problem was lack of speed in high chop. And finally my second chart plotter with the channel to Dog River goes down.  Now it’s dead reckoning and waves on the beam. I actually used my compass for the first time in a long time. I really used it!! And I also broke my third glass coffee pot. Was I going to complete my mission of three years to get to Mobile?


But there ahead is the Dog River. I made it.

I did maintenance on the boat today and feel after that beating yesterday that I was playing tackle football.

So I went to the bar and had a couple of  glasses of wine. Signed up for three nights here, ate some really good fish tacos, and I will do some work on the boat and take a test drive tomorrow.

I was at the bar and a termite came in and ask me where was the bar tender.

by the way it was 77 degrees today

This is Dr Brad standing by on 16


  1. I’m just really glad that you’re okay! It can be kind of scary when stuff like this happens and you’re boating solo. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


  2. Remember, they shoot horses our age. Broken arms may count as well. Glad you survived the blood letting. Denise said we will name our guest room after Doc, complete with complimentary wine. Be careful, do not make us come down there and put you in a HOME. I am drinking some red wine right now on your behalf.
    Denise & Barry
    aboard 0 Regrets.


  3. It’s a good thing I gave you those navigational tips before you departed goosepond!! Glad you’re ok doc..


  4. Great reading, Doc. I hope your trip, outside of injury and maintenance, is going well. 77 degrees sure sounds good…it is spitting rain at the Dock’s in Scottsboro today…it did hit 60 though. Safe travels, Doc!


  5. Good to hear from you . . .and wish we were there! Joe’s had a nine hour teaching load this past semester M-W-F and teaching citizenship to Nepali’s on Tues. and I’ve been shuttling grandson, Joey, and, for the last couple of months, helping my sister get back on her feet, and nursing Lexi (german shepherd) back after terrible bacterial infection that was too gruesome to describe. Upshot has been that we’ve barely been to the boat at all. Not a lot of joy in Mudville. 2014 HERE WE COME! All the best to you. Joe and Pam White


  6. Doc’s computer got coffee spilled in it during the Bay crossing. (5 ft sea) will be off until replacement is found. He is headed for Port St. Joe east………All is ok …boat is fine.


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