No More Long Johns

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I left Foscue creek and headed south. Next stop was Kemps landing.


As I went through the Demopolis lock it was 25 degrees and you can see the the fog coming off the lock walls. This stuff froze and fell as very tiny sleet on my boat.



The next 10 miles looked like white chalk and pines. It was very calm for a change and the water was really flowing over the Demopolis dam.



Here are two deer swimming the river. they turned back halfway and it’s a good thing because the other side was a 40 foot bluff.


This a picture of the remains of the Rooster Bridge. In 1979 when the water was 59 feet above normal pool a tow boat was swept under this bridge with the water about 3 feet from the roadway. The tow was flipped on it’s side and actually righted itself and kept floating. People on the shore were ready to see three crewman go down with the boat. They all lived with only minor injuries.


As you can see the SOG or speed over ground shows 10 mph. I am running 2200 rpms and usually this will give about 7.5 mph. This boat has never gone  10 mph unless it was dropped from a crane.


I think this can is going about 9 mph


Frost covered at Kemps Landing


The Tom Bigbee River to me looks a lot like the Ohio only the water has that clouds in your coffee thing going.


This is Bashi Creek. This is one of those few anchorages along the waterway. The water was backed up because of the higher water in the river. There was a lot debris going back and forth in the creek. By the morning the water had dropped and the creek was clean as a whistle.


Ahead is an actual hill. One of three along the whole route from here down.



My stop today is the famous Bobby’s Fish Camp. I had to get off the boat. I had been on the boat for a week all except 20 minutes at Demopolis Marina. Bobby has passed but the family runs it. I got fuel for the generator. I got some water and later I am going to have catfish in the restaurant. It’s a little pricey at $1.50 a foot with no showers but they are truly the last stop before Mobile 119 miles away.

They are very friendly and helpful and you feel at home right away They are even trying to find a pipe wrench so I can stop the leak from my packing nut. By the way my anchor light is dead. You think they could make something that could be outside for twenty eight years and would not wear out. Now that is cynicism. I rigged something up to get safely to Mobile

Tomorrow I go through the last lock of the  “ dirty dozen”. When I go through I will be 4 feet above sea level and subject to the ebb and flow of the tide from Mobile bay along with the water dropped over the dam.

Well time for an adult beverage and then some grub.

We’ll talk when the next cell signal allows.

Dr Brad standing by on 16.

  1. Hey, you deserve a good meal. Beats the beans you have been eating. Time for the t-shirt and shorts soon. I rigged up a LED light fixture to my mast when my anchor light failed at about same age as yours. Works great. See you in Alabama.
    Denise & Bary
    aboard 0 Regrets


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