This Weather is a Turkey

In winter in the south on 27/11/2013 at 07:32


AP Demopolis Al.

Reports have come in from river travelers near Demopolis Lock and Dam that freezing temperatures and high winds are causing travel to be unsafe. George the monkey mentioned at 6:00 AM CST.


“I ain’t leaving this heater for nothing no how.” he was quoted as saying yesterday afternoon as the winds gusted to about twenty five miles per hour and temperatures started to drop.


He recommended Foscue Creek and the Coast Guard Station to hunker down as he put until thanksgivakhah and then move on in the sun and lighter winds the next day. Many captains are taking his advice partly due to a dead cell and hotspot zone for the next 75 miles. Afternoon rain mixed with wind made only the foolish remain on the water.


As he steered Dr Brad into the safety of the station and a good anchorage. He was heard saying, “ This is safe but the average temp this time of year is 60 degrees. This sucks.”


This is Dr Brad reporting live from the Black Warrior section of the canal for the Associated Press.

Standing by on 16 and scanning all emergency weather radio traffic.


  1. Looks like a turkey of a day. Now, for the good news. Pensacola is 54 deg. today and tomorrow. Just keep sailing south. Say Hello to George for us.
    Denise & Barry
    0 Regrets, albin trawler


  2. Today wind was blowing me sideways…and that was in the parking lot at work!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Brad!

    Your Delta Queen pal,


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