I am Somewhere and Just Have Two Locks to Go

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I am anchored at Rattlesnake Bend at mile marker 223. 225 is exactly half way between the Tennessee river and Mobile Alabama. I have dodged the rain so far so I pushed for 48 miles today. Got thru Heflin lock quickly and pumped the engine to 2200 RPM and here I am.  Here is the Day in pictures.


Sunrise at Sumter




There was a sofa at the top of this 100 foot cliff. The proverbial catbird seat.


The white bluffs


My gosh there every where



Make them stop that

Well there you go.That’s today. I am going to have a Canadian and water. Remember I am only drinking things that start with w. The rain just started. Great timing.

Dr Brad standing by on 16.

  1. Great progress Doc. Watch out for the canadian beverages the KY. bourbon is safer. Keep us posted.
    Denise and Barry on 0 Regrets


  2. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Keep us up to date with your travels! I’ll see you this summer down south on my boat and jet-ski’s with my boys. I’m back teaching school……lots of summer vacation!!…..Mr. Pae & the Twins. See you then my friend. Stay thirsty!


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