Fall Backward Toward Florida

In long haul, On the river on 04/11/2013 at 15:11

Day One 11-3-2013

Left Goose Pond Marina about 8:30 am and headed toward Honeycomb Creek just above Guntersville Lock and Dam. Beginning a long trip to Florida back the way I came up the river last spring.


Down the river


Beautiful sunny day


Honeycomb creek looking toward river

Day Two

Left Anchorage about 6:30 am and headed toward the Lock about 1.5 miles Down stream. Wind whipped up out of the East Southeast about 10-15 mph. I headed toward the lock with the wind directly at my stern and as I approached the lock The wind was also blowing directly straight into the lock. It was like a wind tunnel with rollers as soon as the lockmaster opened the gates to let me into the chamber. I blew by the first bollard at idle. I slid down the lock wall and had to keep the boat in reverse and then reverse idle to tie up.

Got through the lock and shot down the river above my hull speed at about 9.5 miles and hour. Got back to about 8mph at 2000 rpms and settled in for a nice day.


Sunrise leaving Honeycomb


Bluffs along the river


Me, not just a handsome stranger


Bluffs with morning fog

Finally stopped at Limestone Creek. The river is down about 3 feet from the last time I came through in May. The place is still beautiful with wildlife everywhere.


Limestone Creek anchorage


View from boat at anchor

That is it for now. Tomorrow I head toward Joe Wheeler Park and some very nice possible anchorages. I’ll be in touch.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

  1. Hi Dr. Brad- Nice pics! Glad to hear you’re still exploring and having fun!!!

    P.S. We’ll always have the Delta Queen!!!!



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