This is What it’s Like to live in 110 Square Feet

In long haul on 25/07/2013 at 19:51

Well All the stuff is done. The river has gone back down. I have no excuses. I am leaving here in one week. I am heading East. I am headed up river to the last good anchorage on the Little Tennessee River. The water is clear to 15 feet and the water temperature is near 65 degrees.

Get it on. No big pics just where I live in 110 square feet with a 28 year old woman. She’s small but has good lines and has supported my every move. She’s not high maintenance but you gotta come when she calls. Check out the following video.

Dr Brad standing by on 16

A guy told me he only had 2 weeks to check out the Tennessee River watershed and asked me what to do. I told him to go over to that rock, sit down, and cry.

  1. Hi Doc, can’t log in your blog for some reason and won’t let me reset password. Like hearing about your travels! Love, Mo

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  2. Hey, Old Salty Dog,
    How r u doing? So much fun to read up on your life. Jealous of you future trip up the Little Tennessee River. Makes me miss that boatin’ life on the river. Hope all is well with you. Did you see our newest purchase? Nimble Vagabond 20′. Would have been much more comfortable than the Pacific Seacraft those 6 months we spent on the river. But it was all great fun and quite the adventure.
    Soooo good seeing your blog. Susie Schaut from Heron


  3. Doc, hope you had a relaxing evening in Jones’ Cove on Saturday. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog. I hope you enjoyed your time at Goose Pond, and I look forward to catching up with you when come back by. David (next door neighbor)


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