3 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

In Uncategorized on 11/05/2013 at 17:15

Got up the Tenn-Tom to Pickwick lake. Moved from Grand Harbor after fueling, shopping for food and my regular doctor visit. Got out the same day the Nina and Pinta were coming into port. They will be dogging us all up the river.

Went to Whetstone and the rain hit. Headed east to Eastpoint for a night. The next lock up is in Florence Alabama. the river is at flood stage and they are dumping 175.000 cubic feet of water a minute. That’s a lot of water. Calculate that out to a giant cube and look at the dimensions. That is your task for the day.

Got some good pictures of a waterfall at Whetstone and fed a wild duck who loved my boat for some reason. He loves bagels. He is an adolescent Mallard.

Because the river is at flood stage in Florence and the Pickwick Reservoir we retreated back to Pickwick Landing state Park for a few days to let the river come down. this was a retreat of 18 miles down stream.










That’s the big lock at Whitten. 85 foot lift.


Happy mother’s day to all you mothers. You know who you are!

Dr Brad standing by on 16.


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