Where the H— is Spring?

In Uncategorized on 24/03/2013 at 17:38

Some times you just gotta post something.Right now the wind is 15 to 25 mph and my boat is jumping around like a centipede in a frying pan.

Here are some teak grab rails I built from an old rail.





This is how to eat chicken feet. Soul food. You get creative during a long winter.



My new digs. I moved here because I desperately need more sun, plus the view is cool.



My buddy at my new digs shows up every day.

I tried to insert a video here and had no luck, I still hate windows 8.

Finally found a way.

Dr brad standing by on 16

  1. Hi- Just returned from a long weekend in Tybee Island, GA.  Stayed on an old cabin cruiser at Tybee marina…I loved it!   Slept better than I have in months.  It’s got me to thinking about going off the grid and living on a boat near the beach.  Thought you might be the one person who might understand that.   I’m on a Cruier’s Forum on the internet and I’ve advertised as being available as crew.  Got contacted by a guy in England who is doing a 3-month sail from England to France.  I would have to quit my job, sell everything and go!  Sounds crazy but I have been considering it.   Atlanta is land-locked and I think the lack of water is making me stir crazy.  Job is okay but not great.   I just don’t want to get to the end of my days and have a ton of regrets about things I was too scared to try.    Watched your videos and although it may seem like winter has temporarily returned, it is really the winter angry because it knows it will soon lose out to spring very soon.   Teresa



  2. Hey Brad! I was just talking to my buddy about you and what you’re doing! Just dropping a line, hope all is well, and I’ve gotta say that I love the way you’re living. I’ve always admired the solitary pursuits, Farley mowet was the first person that made me really yearn to strike out on my own. Keep it up, take care, and keep posting!


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