Rollercoaster of Emotion

In on the mend on 20/09/2012 at 09:05

Let’s do pictures first;


Waiting to get pulled out


Somebody is having fun


Aqua Dog on the water drive thru. Check out the fully loaded dog.


A good reason to always be looking up. This is close to a Jacob’s Ladder formation


A good reason to just look


Country Western center of the universe

Well, I was feeling groovy out of Clarksville until I determined that my propeller  shaft was bent when the bolts came off of the Transmission. I have spent a week on the hard at Rottering Marine waiting to get back in the water. the marina owner who did the original work says he will pay. Also found out the propeller was loose from the last service.

Folks here are great and even though accommodations are “boatyard” meaning porta potti and no shower other folks and the employees have gotten me to the store and I have met some great fellow boaters.

Bradley standing by on 16

  1. Hey Doc:

    I posted a couple days ago, its gone…….lol!

    All the best,


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