The Big Decision

In long haul on 29/08/2012 at 18:26

I have made Clarksville and now have to decide whether to go on or turn back. However, the trip today was a little longer than usual but here I am. Made 6 MPH early then dropped to 5.4 to 5.7 later in the day as I headed into a 10 to 15 MPH head wind. Let’s add the current and it was about an hour longer than I wanted to be away from the sound of the engine.

this was a nice of stretch of river. The river narrows to about 400 feet. this made dealing with barges a little tricky. Spent much time on the radio rounding blind turns. One time I had to –imagine this- speed up to 7.5 MPH to pass a barge that slowed down in a turn and told me to go for it.

It is going to rain no matter which way I go. I can make it to Old Hickory in 72 hours and would be in a great place to handle any water no matter how bad. Old Hickory is above Nashville and they will dump it downstream like crazy to hold the dam.

I can also get back on budget because I can go with no actual overnight fees and still get all the services if I have to wait out a flood. The other option is to try and get back before the possible high water. there is however a paucity of good anchorages for at least two days down and it might start raining tomorrow. Going over stuff ,see what happens.

What’s the over under on which direction 50/50 depending on NOAA in the morning.

Here are some Pics from today


Last night


they built the 1000 foot stakes on the right because they thought they were high enough to disperse all the bad stuff!!! What ever 1973 was a stupid year


Last working ferry on the Cumberland


Gotta have the barge thing


Coming into Clarksville

I’ll give you a break on the cloud thing it was a kinda tough fist one. I’ll tell you next time.

However I did see the first horizon to horizon double rainbow in my life. HOw do clouds help this occur.

double rainbow, full


Well Believe me I got more just can’t find the file. These were taken at Lake Barkley State Park.

Well this is Doc standing by on 16.

  1. Hey Doc:
    It appears you have had quite a little summer…….of course, its coming to a close. I think this saturday is the beginning of Autumn. I imagine where your at in TN, its about a month behind us here in southeast Ohio. Where ever you spend the winter, stay warm.

    All the best,


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