God I Love My Boat!

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The trip to Paris Landing was great. Good weather and A good seafood buffet at the park lodge. Got to eat some frog legs for the first time in years, yummy. Got to Paris landing for the first day. On the second day we went to Leatherwood which is about 23 miles from Pebble Isle. We anchored for the night and Sam cooked some good meatloaf on the grill.

I have to put big kudos out to my sister Linda for giving me a new camera for my birthday. Took a ton of pictures and here are some.

Heading Back to Pebble Isle

Heading back to Pebble Isle


Gotta love herP1000208

Me and the River dog


Morning view



Sam fighting 3 foot rollers on the first day



Full moon at Paris Landing


Well those are a few of the pictures for now.

This is Dr Brad standing by on 16.

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Nice pics.

    Whatever happened to George????? Did you replace him with Sam???


  2. Home Sweet Home IT IS!
    docks are now set a LOLYC won’t be long for us to get things on the water here.
    Capt. K


  3. I’ve been getting numerous spam emails from you. Has anyone mentioned it? I think maybe your computer has a virus….


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