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The reason for the title of this post is obvious below:




 P1000117I got tired of people asking me where in Minnesota I was from. I also got some pictures of a boat which was the old mail boat on this part of the river back in the 1930’s. It is a steel hulled diesel or in coast guard terms  a “ single oil screw.”


This old tub is over 80 years old and still running on only it’s second engine.

I built a davit to lift my dingy. I used scrape aluminum and some stuff from the hardware store. Needs a few adjustments. I am adding stays and some scrape stainless railing to beef it up. I am going to use a military surplus cargo net like a wrap around to hold it like a hotdog in a bun. I am just trying to find on that is not green.


I am headed up to Paris Landing this weekend. The trip is about thirty miles and I intend to explore some anchorages along the way. Never know when You might want to get out for just a night. I have to finally put my MS registration on the side of the boat. I have a checklist of preparations to finally give this thing a good road test with the new tranny and prop.

Last is a bit of wildlife. Hard to get close enough to these birds to get a picture. People down here call them little suzies. They are like a duck but have a bill more like a chicken. The only eat fish.


They dive to get them.


Here are some recent shots of me – if you care- after all blogs are a bit narcissistic.

Here I am working on my davit:

P1000095   Nice spring day:


Well it’s back to work at the office. Working and saving for that Honda generator. Got a boat to wash  in the A.M. and get ready to take off. Will report on the trip and hopefully I will not be coming back courtesy of  Boats US.

Capt. Schuller standing by on 16.

  1. Maybe you can scrape up some scrap.


  2. Loved the pics…..hope you have a great time on your trip!

    Here’s to your returning under your own power!!



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