Shakedown to Bay Springs

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Took a three day shakedown trip to Bay Springs Lake. Went down the “ big ditch” a channel cut through to begin the Ten-Tom waterway. The divide cut is 28 miles long and is literally a canal created to connect two rivers from different water sheds. The channel is about 200 ft. wide and because of the dig you are 20 to 40 feet below the fill so there is nothing to see. More dirt and rock was removed to create this than the Panama Canal – cost about a billion dollars- and was open in the early 60,s.

Got to a nice anchorage on the lake just above the first lock down. Water is clear because the lake is spring fed. Here are some pics;

Sunrisebay springs 027

bay springs 010

Bay Springs

bay springs 007

bay springs 019

Quiet and serene for a few days having a good time

Will be leaving Friday for Pebble Isle to go back and see a few friends.


bad day at the pool

  1. Looks great! How about a visitor?


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