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Too lazy to write but here are some pics;


pickwick before after 012

Needs a new name

pickwick before after 011

pickwick 8 21 011

George got his helm seat

pickwick before after 020


pickwick before after 022

pickwick before after 021

Bunk in air conditioned forward cabin

worlds most interestng

I just had to get a few things up on the web. I am staying into mid-October. It takes awhile to learn all the gizmos and other stuff to not worry when I’m out. I have a three page checklist. Weather is hot. Women are cold.

  1. Whats this? New to you boat? Sailing to power? I need details!


  2. Hey Brad:
    Did you change boats, if so, where is the ole Macgregor? The one in the pic looks a little longer and a surround extension on top of the cabin[I dont know what it is called, I just called it that]



  3. Loved comment on the weather of women. Seem to be the year for new things. I no longer work at the lake. And looking to sailing on my own adventure. I miss u and Vern . Geesh hope u guys are ok. And George seems to like his new boat! lol tc


  4. Not ALL women! Hard to believe ” the women on the river aren’t happy to give…” Rollin’ on the river!


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