Monday, Monday

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Have not been on for a while thought I would get all ya all up to date. Weather has been crappy. Wet cold and one nice day has been the standard for the last week. Made a good super bowl party and once again the camera let me down. I got one good picture and here it is:

superbowl 012

Had a good time and met some captains with big info about the Tenn.-Tom waterway.

Kudos and props to Matt for the musical interlude. Carol misses you on Mondays at the Bucket.

Got a good picture of what I think is coolest river paddle boat the Columbia. I have seen a bunch of private paddleboats in the last 3 months and this is the best.

1-29 sailing 008

Good news is there is a good window on the 13th – 16th for temps. in the high fifties. My month is up here on the 16th. I am going south.

Still get the good views around the lake. check out this sunset.

superbowl 001


  1. welp still jealous. You look great and bet you r having a ball SS about the GPS and u and George be safe


  2. Glad you are getting some decent weather. Love the pictures. Be safe.


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